Posted on: October 5th, 2015

As the Chairwoman of Comptel (www.comptel.org), telecommunications’ leading competitive trade organization, and the owner and CEO of TSI (www.tsicorp.net), a 28+ year telecom carrier business, the critical accomplishments of Comptel in maintaining and promoting a healthy, competitive environment benefit us all.

Today I’m sharing Comptel’s recent Press Release entitled “FCC Tech Transition Vote is a Win for Competition, Business Customers”; yet another Comptel victory.

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COMPTEL: FCC Tech Transition Vote is a Win for Competition, Business Customers

Washington DC (August 6, 2015) – Today the Federal Communications Commission voted to uphold and preserve competition – a longstanding bi-partisan principle – as the nation’s networks continue to evolve to IP based networks.

In response, Chip Pickering, CEO of COMPTEL released the following statement:

“Today is a win for competition, and a win for the future of new networks.

Upholding competition policy, regardless of network technology, will serve as the catalyst for new network deployment, better customer service and continued innovation.

“IP based technology, which can be delivered over copper or fiber, was the result of innovations by competitive broadband providers seeking to disrupt the hundred-year-old telephone network.

“Competition is a proven, free market force that drives prices down and investment up. A return to rates regulated by monopoly rents and consolidated market power would be bad for consumers, business and investment.

“The results of the FCC’s competition first approach, applied in the tech transitions Order, are evident in recent commercial agreements taking place in the business market.

“Chairman Wheeler and the entire FCC deserve credit for their leadership and thoughtful approach to the technology transitions. Ensuring competition is preserved while vital public safety measures are set in place answers concerns raised by a broad coalition of voices.

“This competition coalition includes consumer groups and the leading small business advocate. Industry associations representing 150,000 gas stations and convenience stores and 70% of all the electricity providers powering homes and businesses wrote to the Commission in this proceeding to ask that competition to be preserved and promoted.

“In addition, over 300 individual businesses from across the nation, including small corner shops and national retail chains, have asked the FCC to protect their ability to choose a competitive provider during and after the tech transitions.

“The CIOs of Brooks Brothers, Pier 1 Imports and Simon Property Group, which manages retail malls with 30,000 retail stores and over 600,000 jobs, came to Washington to argue for preservation of business competition directly.

“This large coalition of supporters also includes schools, hospitals and government offices that depend on affordable access to essential services provided by broadband. Over 11,000 people signed a petition to the FCC calling for more broadband choice in recent weeks.

“Today’s victory validates their efforts while creating momentum for the future action that will finally allow competition to break the last mile barricade. For the broadband marketplace to achieve the same level of competition in other markets, such as wireless and over-the-top, completion of the long-delayed special access proceeding must be the next step forward for the competition agenda.

“Attacks on the tech transitions competition Order from incumbent telecom providers simply echo their monopoly roots. Today represents a blow to protectionist policy, and we encourage our incumbent friends to turn away from the playbook of the past and embrace a future driven by new networks. This will both open and grow new markets.”


**Read Chip Pickering’s recent Medium piece, Tech Transitions: Competition Genesis, Competition Future


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