Posted on: July 2nd, 2016 by Cirrus
Written by Jason Roos, CEO, Cirrus

In today’s highly competitive environment, the war for customers is intensifying. Customers are increasingly value aware, but this should not be interpreted as simply lowest price. Although customers are demanding, they do recognize when they receive service that is seamless. A report by The Institute of Customer Service revealed a strong correlation between providing higher customer service levels and those experiencing stronger sales growth, with Amazon coming out on top.

Many businesses talk about the importance of Customer Service, but so few actually deliver it. Delivering customer Service is a continuous experience with no real start or finish point. Think about how your business can help the customer throughout the entire purchasing journey. Whether it’s the initial pre-purchase research phase, browsing in-store, at the point of purchase either online or in-store, and through to post-purchase and installation/implementation. Crucially, the customer views their experience with that supplier as continuous, across multiple channels and interacting with different people.

Customer Journey Mapping is an effective tool for identifying key customer touch points. Focusing on the experience with the contact centre, here are five ideas of what can be achieved to set you on the path to delivering an exceptional customer experience:

1. Sorry we Missed your Call.

You are experiencing exceptional call volumes, queue lengths are higher than you would like, a customer gives up waiting and hangs up. You immediately text them, apologise for missing their call, and then call them back as soon as an agent becomes available.

2. Let the System Queue for your Customers.

Nobody likes waiting. Remove this frustration by letting your customers hear a message which advises them to press a number to have their place held in the queue when they hang up. The call centre then rings them back when they reach the front of the queue.

3. Cut to the Chase.

A customer is browsing your website, they click the button to speak to someone. When the agent greets them, they not only know who the customer is, but also what they have been looking at on your website.

4. Using Customer Data To Personalise Your Pre-Agent Message.

Your customer calls, you know who they are from their mobile number, you can see that they have an order with you and are awaiting delivery. You play an immediate message, “Hello Mr Smith, while we connect you to an agent, we just wanted to let you know that your order for the Harry Potter Book was dispatched today and should be with you by midday tomorrow.”

5. I Hear You.

Your customer posts an update on social media that they are frustrated with the service that they have received from your Organization. You respond within minutes with an apology and then call them immediately to address their problem. When done well, this turns your biggest hater into your biggest advocate.

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