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Telecom Brokers has enjoyed a very successful relationship with TSI since 2001. The outstanding customer service and customized support has resulted in some of our largest clients remaining with TSI for as long as 8-10 years. Deborah Ward has created a culture of excellence and innovation that is reflected in all the team members at TSI, we can count on a consistent quality experience. I can say with complete assurance that TSI supports the Channel 100% and always acts in a spirit of collaboration. Bringing our business to TSI is a pleasure and a win-win for everyone.

Nancy Ridge
Vice President
Telecom Brokers

Complete Communications learned about TSI after we lost several big deals to them. Soon Complete Communications was selling TSI's long distance product, and we started winning. This has turned out to be one of the best business decisions we have made as a company. TSI takes exceptional care of the customer, exceptional care of the partner. If you want a provider you can trust in a very competitive telecom landscape I would recommend you work with TSI.

Kendall Schmidt
Complete Communications, Inc.

I've worked with Deb Ward and the Televergence team throughout my telecom career. My experience with Televergence is that they quickly and efficiently resolve customer and agent partner issues with their high level of customer and technical support. They are very supportive of the channel, with transparency and integrity being of utmost importance. They are extremely flexible in their efforts to bring on new customers and agent partners. I will continue to search for opportunities that meet their ideal customer profiles.

Wes Matthew
CSG Affiliates, LLC

Competitive rates and exceptional service make TSI a standard telecom carrier “go to” for my clients' needs. Working with TSI and Deb Ward is like working with old friends!
Needs can be represented accurately and their response brings assurance your needs were heard. Rest assured when you trust your business to TSI, you have an agile partner who cares and does what they can to reasonably accommodate your needs.

Rich Stokey

As it relates to this issue, I couldn't be happier. The issue was not only resolved quickly but completely. Most importantly, my client was both pleased with the outcome and impressed with the response time.

Michael Van Deraa, President

Throughout my years in the telecom business, I've worked with Deb Ward and her team at Televergence on many occasions. I've consistently been impressed with their level of professionalism, high level of customer and technical support, and support of the channel. The business operates in a very transparent fashion and agent partners are treated with loyalty and respect. They are extremely responsive to the customer and agent partner's needs and demonstrate great flexibility in their efforts to bring on new customers.

Walter Matheny, Broker Agent