TSI was possibly the only toll free and long distance provider who provided C-Level account management pre- and post-sale. A visit to their rural location resulted in the delivery of a winning proposal that reduced their costs by 35%. Reduced costs, coupled with all calls connecting, minimal trouble tickets, and detailed reporting has made this customer very happy.

While rates and products are competitive, TSI’s C-Level account management and customer service as a competitive advantage provides customers with direct access to the CTO, CEO and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This is the value proposition and solution that is largely responsible for the company’s 30 years of success and average length of customer at 14.7 years.


This regional wireless provider services one of the U.S.’s largest state’s mobile phone markets with expectations to connect all calls made on their platform regardless of the destination. Their existing long distance service was rated “fair”, however, there were a substantial number of trouble tickets due to call quality and completion issues. They were also interested in reducing costs.


Located in a rural area of a large mid-U.S.state, their options for a provider with TDM/non-IP connection were limited. Despite conversations with several alternative providers, there had been no visits from any of those providers and the customer assumed an apparent lack of interest.


After reviewing the traffic details and discussing a TDM private line connection between the customer and the long distance provider, TSI delivered a winning proposal that met all of their needs, including a TDM connection from their network into the TSI network.

The customer moved all U.S. off-net traffic to the TSI network with all calls completing. In the 30+ months this customer has been routing calls through TSI, there have been very few, quickly resolved trouble tickets. The TDM connection provided a substantial savings for the monthly usage for routed long distance calls.

About Televergence Solutions (TSI)

Televergence Solutions (TSI) is a telecommunications carrier who attributes over 30 years of success and an average length of customer of 14.7 years to quality and competitively priced products: inbound toll free and high calls per second/call completion rate outbound long distance. Pre-qualified candidates receive a 10,000 minute free trial.

C-Level account management provides their customers with access to senior executives. Customer service as a competitive advantage and a dedicated Customer Success Manager is their unique value proposition that drives the company’s 30 years of success and average length of customer at 14.7 years.

Founded and managed by the CEO, Deb Ward, whose integrity and reputation is exemplary in the telecommunications space, she is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), the industry’s leading competitive telecommunications trade organization.

The company’s CTO, David Deutsch, has extensive technical expertise in the call center telecom space and manages the fully staffed, U.S. based 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operating Center (NOC). The technical team has an average of 18 years of experience and is familiar with most legacy and nex-gen platforms; including Dialogic, Acculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, and Asterisk. An on-premise TDM to VoIP enabled conversion and loan equipment program for legacy platforms is available to candidates who otherwise qualify.

Leadership, membership, advisory and board roles are maintained within numerous Professional Trade Organizations, including INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), Federal Internet Service Providers Association (FISPA), Insights Association (formerly the Marketing Research Association), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE), Telecom Associates and Women In The Channel (WIC).

Televergence is a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise).