This 14 year old call center customer provides telephonic intervention between pharmaceutical and insurance companies, patients and healthcare providers to improve patient compliance and education. They needed a more stable platform and competitive rates, particularly for inbound toll free and were concurrently evaluating outsource alternatives for the outbound traffic.

TSI’s 10,000 minute Free Trial provided testing without risk of the critical inbound toll free for call quality while stress testing outbound call volume without testing using a third party platform. Based on the high quality testing results, they moved all inbound toll free and outbound long distance traffic to TSI.

Since then, they presented TSI with another opportunity related to their office RingCentral VolP phone, conference call system and collaboration tools. TSI immediately provided a Unified Communication (UC) and hosted PBX solution. They moved their office phone system from RingCentral to the new UC platform after two weeks of testing and have experienced a much higher quality of service at a reduced cost.

While rates and products are competitive, TSI’s C-Level account management and customer service as a competitive advantage provides customers with direct access to the CTO, CEO and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This is the value proposition and solution that is largely responsible for the company’s 30 years of success and average length of customer at 14.7 years.


The Customer operates a 100-200 seat inbound and outbound call center in Americus, GA. On average, 4-10 outbound calls occur per each inbound call. The customer was operating on a collocated asterisk platform with Iristel, a smaller carrier in Canada. A 50 meg IP connection handles calls via the asterisk SIP outbound dialing platform.


There was increasing concern regarding Iristel’s ability to service existing and projected increased traffic. There was also concern that Iristel may not release the approximately 75 toll free numbers managed by Iristel if the customer changed carriers. Reporting was erratic at best.


The customer had met with several carriers before meeting TSI at the Call Center Summit event in Chicago during November, 2015. TSI demonstrated the ability to port and manage their toll free numbers; and provide them with access to a TSI inventory of available toll free numbers.

A second large bandwidth IP connection and mirrored platform was added to maximize uptime. Testing insured all systems communicated with the TSI network effectively and confirmed the ability to load balance using their two platforms and our multi-access capability.

Televergence provides high calls per second and completion rate long distance and toll-free, managing 3+ million toll-free numbers for 30+ years under consistent management as a privately held, debt-free enterprise. The company is a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) for supplier diversification programs. Founded and managed by the CEO, Deb Ward is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS, the industry’s leading trade organization.

A reputation for transparency and integrity is reflected by an average length of customer of 15+ years.  The U.S.based technical team possess an average of 20+ years of industry experience and are familiar with most legacy and next-gen platforms: Dialogic, Aculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, Noble Systems, Survox, Voxco, and Asterisk. A TDM to VoIP conversion and no risk, complimentary test of the services is offered.

Membership, advisory, and board roles are maintained with the Alliance of Channel Women, American Marketing Association, Better Business Bureau, Federal Internet Service Providers Association, INCOMPAS, Insights Association, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Technology Council, National Association of Women Business Owners, Professional Association for Customer Engagement, Receivables Management Association, Telecom Associates, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Women In Technology of Tennessee.

Ira Globerson, Vice President of Sales + Channel Chief  – (213) 943-2023