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I have had the pleasure of working with TSI since 2014. During that time TSI has become a valuable business partner, providing a high degree of quality service and top-notch support.

Our company operates call centers in several states, with over 300 employees regularly connected to our network and placing millions of calls per year. TSI is able to handle all of our telecom requirements with a seamless, user-friendly experience. We count on them to help us deliver the data and insights that our clients need. Their technical knowledge and expertise have been invaluable assets to us over the course of our relationship. They are very responsive to our questions and able and willing to help us in a crisis.

Even though TSI provides a tier-1 level service, they do not treat us like a “small-time” customer. We get personal attention from them, no matter who we are dealing with there. Deb Ward and David Deutsch are always great to work with, as are the rest of the personnel that we’ve engaged with. They spend the time to listen to what we have to say and then act on it, which is rare in the telecom world.

I would strongly recommend TSI to anyone interested in the services that they offer. You won’t be disappointed. I’m happy to elaborate or answer questions about their wonderful service if you need further clarification!

Chauncy B., VP

A Market Research group

We are happy with the service we receive from TSI.

Lori N., Technical Analyst
A Telecom Service Provider

Televergence has been our carrier for (long distance, toll free and DID) service for over three years now and we couldn’t be happier with our interactions with their accounting department. Invoices are easy to reconcile, accurate and they are extremely responsive when there is an issue. We highly recommend them.

Carol G., VP Finance
A Market Research Firm

Additional services that we added to our account were billed accurately and timely.

Amanda P., Transport Analyst
A Wireless Communication Provider

Televergence has been our exclusive long distance carrier since 2010. From day one, they have provided us with affordable pricing and responsive personalized customer care. Ted and their network operations team are proactive and have never failed to solve our unique issues. We look forward to many years of reliable service and would highly suggest them to any business for their telecommunications needs.

Nate R., IT Manager
A Virtual Office Company

Ted has always been very helpful to resolve issues quickly.

Eric C., Sr. Operations Manager
A Wireless Communication Provider

After many years of trying to use VoIP, we had given up on faxing, except over traditional phone lines. The staff at Televergence took the time to demo and test T.38 for over four months and proved that their solution worked. We now do all of our faxing over the Internet using Televergence.

Peter S., IT Department
A Healthcare Processing Company

Televergence has been our carrier for toll free service for 12+ years. We have been very happy with their responsiveness, reliability, and pricing and highly recommend them. We consider the professionals at TSI to be an integral part of our team and our success.

Mark M., President
A Leading Survey Company

My overall experience with the TSI team has been a 10 out of 10.

Chad G., President
A Solutions Provider

Televergence has been our wireless company’s carrier for long distance, toll free and international for over 10 years. We recently turned up SIP trunking and they have been extremely helpful on initial network planning and troubleshooting issues.

Virgil, Switch Operations
A Regional Wireless Carrier

We have no recommendations for improvement. Everything is good.

Jennifer M., IT Manager
A company that provides healthcare management programs for the pharmaceutical industry.

David and his staff helped us to plan a complex migration from our existing co-location facilities to Amazon’s AWS. Televergence’s experience in high availability deployments and the cloud made us much more comfortable and allowed us to move ahead of schedule.

Victor P., CTO
A Banking IVR Development Company

On those occasions when we’ve had to open a trouble ticket with TSI, we’ve been happy with the response time.

Charles F., Manager of Network Voice
A Telecom Service Provider

During a major hurricane in 2005, our existing toll free provider had lost service for over a day. Not knowing where to turn, a colleague suggested we reach out to Televergence. Not only were they more concerned with getting us back on-line than our current carrier, they managed to move and update over 100,000 toll free numbers in a matter of an hour. True lifesavers.

Victoria B., VP of Sales
A Virtual PBX Company

I rate the communication between myself and the TSI support at a 10.

Nathan R., Operations Project Manager
A Virtual Office Company

We had been considering making the switch to SIP for years, and when we finally made the decision to leave our ISDN lines. Televergence made everything simple and easy for us. They helped to find, purchase, program and install the gateway equipment and have been there for us every step of the way. The only difference we can detect between our SIP lines and our old ISDN PRI’s is a much lower bill. I get daily reports of our usage, and our bill is just the usage and the taxes. No weird charges buried throughout an absurdly complicated bill like we used to get. Their responsiveness has been unlike anything I have ever experienced and I have already recommended them to other companies. I give them five stars.

Ken L., President
A Market Research Firm

My experience w/ TSI is par excellence. Their technical expertise is second to none.

Bob G., Core Engineer
A Wireless Communication Provider

As a major Philippine commercial television network, our overseas operation heavily depends upon access to high quality and reliable voice communications services. We’ve been especially happy with Televergence’s toll-free service and their ability to route our overseas voice traffic. In addition, their flexibility in providing customized solutions has been something we constantly rely on for migration and network regrooming initiatives. Throughout 15+ years of working with TSI, they’ve provided us with superior customer support and are one of our highly valued partners.

Sherry S., AVP for Engineering
An International Television and Media Company

TSI invoices are timely, accurate and easy to read.

Carol W., Accounts Payable
A Local Internet Service Provider

Televergence Solutions (TSI) has been our carrier for long distance service for a few years. We have been very happy with their pricing, responsiveness, and highly recommend them!

Arik R., VoIP Systems Engineer
A Local Internet Service Provider

My overall experience with the TSI team has been a 10 out of 10.

Rick S., IT Director
A Market Research Firm

Televergence has been our long-distance carrier for the last few years and we have been very pleased with their services, responsiveness, and partnership. Many companies feel their telecom is just a service, but being in the contact center space it is our lifeblood. We have had no issues and when we need additional toll-free numbers and support – Ted, David, and the Televergence team are there. Thank you all.

Scott A., V.P., Operations & CIO
A company focused on providing customized contact center solutions for pharmaceutical, clinical trial, insurance, hospital and general healthcare organizations.

Televergence Solutions (TSI) has been our carrier for long distance service for 10 years. They are extremely responsive – y’all are the best!

Heather L., Project Manager
A Telecom Service Provider

Televergence Solutions (TSI) has been our long distance carrier for 9 years. We have been very happy with our interactions with their accounting department. We highly recommend them.

Lisa F., HR Manager
An IT & Telecom Service Provider

Their friendly team is professional and extremely responsive when we have any issues or questions. TSI has our highest endorsement.

Sharon W., Accountant
A Telecom Service Provider

Televergence Solutions (TSI) has been our carrier for long distance and DID service for 8 years. We highly recommend them.

Lilly C., Accounting Manager
A Software Development Company

Televergence Solutions (TSI) has been our carrier for long distance, toll-free, colocation, and DID services for over 3 years now. We have been very happy with their service and highly recommend them.

Carol G., V.P., Finance
A Market Research Company

When ordering toll free and DID service, we’ve been happy with the response time.

Andi L., Regulatory Reporting Manager
A Telecom Service Provider

Tele-Town Hall has worked with TSI for years and we have always been very happy with our interactions with their accounting department. Unlike many other carriers, their accounting department provides transparent invoices and works with you directly to resolve any issues. We highly recommend them.

Political Polling Organization

Throughout multiple years of expansion and technology upgrades, Televergence has demonstrated an expert level of competence in toll-free, including RespOrg and high availability

Nancy V., Director of Regulatory Finance
Regional cable company

No suggestions for improvement; we’ve been pretty happy with the service we’ve received.

Seth G.,Systems Administrator / Programmer
A Market Research Firm

When we’ve opened a trouble ticket with TSI, we’ve been happy with the response time.

Virgil S., Switch Operations
A Regional Internet Provider