Software Defined Telephony Network

Telecom Solutions Simplified

Optimize Your Call Performance

Televergence Solutions developed the concept of a Software Defined Telephony Network (SDTN) that allows continuous improvement and enhancement based on customer feedback and requests. Each call that transits our network is treated as a single telephony flow. As it is picked up on the edge of our platform, it is tagged and monitored for both signalling and media variances.

Unlike many carriers, we retain copies of full Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signalling packets which allows extended reporting. We monitor for customer and carrier level interoperability issues that negatively impacts call performance; i.e. dropped calls and call failures. Every call that touches our network also proxies media through our switch, where we apply and log media statistics including Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and Quality of Service (QOS) metrics. This provides the ability to perform post and real time analysis of degraded audio streams and media failures.