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Our Team

Deborah Ward, CEO/Founder/Owner
dward@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2011

Deb Ward is a well respected leader in the telecom space, providing strategic direction to various companies she has founded and managed since the early 80’s. Her Service As A Competitive Advantage and C-Level Account Management philosophy has earned her and the companies she has founded and managed an impeccable reputation. A critical factor in her long-term success strategy in this industry has been her unparalleled integrity and relationship skills with carriers, agents, and customers, and the direct market intel regarding unmet needs that these direct relationships have provided.

The first company she founded was TMS, a Pacific Bell Joint User in Southern California. In 1999, she founded Televergence Solutions (TSI) to meet the needs of customers outside the Pacific Bell territory, reselling CLEC and long distance services nationally. Throughout the decades, Televergence Solutions (TSI) has morphed to meet changing market trends, demands, needs, and opportunities.

Today, Televergence Solutions (TSI) is a facilities-based carrier providing services to Call Centers, Agents, and Business Customers, utilizing VoIP and TDM connectivity technology. The Company’s solutions include competitively priced, high capacity, Toll Free and Long Distance for call center and business customers.

Deb has expertise in all aspects of the business and oversees the product development, sales, marketing, and network development activities. She was recently re-elected as the first chairwoman of INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), is one of the few female CEOs in this male-dominated and highly competitive telecom space, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the Women in the Channel (WIC), and participates in the Channel Partners’ Women in the Channel (WIC) Mentor Program. She is a regular participant in industry webinars, trade association panels, and executive committee forums. She contributes regularly to various groups devoted to the promotion of females in executive leadership positions, and is highly regarded by her peers, employees, and customers.

David Deutsch, CTO
ddeutsch@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2012

David Deutsch has been Televergence’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since March, 2011 and oversees the company’s strategic product and network development activities. David brings 16+ years of experience in system analysis, design, implementation and support of mission and business critical, high availability, transactional IT and telecom systems and a thorough understanding of High Availability, UNIX, and SAN Technologies. He is a strategic, outside-of-the-box problem solver who delivers cohesive solutions which leverage different technologies that address unique customer and business needs.

Hired to oversee the consolidation and virtualization of the Company’s US-based Data Centers, as well as forecasting the server infrastructure requirements, he created actionable plans that drove cost savings initiatives across midrange infrastructure.

With an extensive background in Cisco, Lucent, Sonus, ACME and Sansay; he maintains involvement in various open source projects and initiatives, keeping abreast of technological development(s).

Recently Mr. Deutsch has spearheaded key product developments for the emergency notification, call center and non-profit telecom spaces. These developments have included software and hardware adaptations related to the increasingly more difficult short duration and automated dialing system markets.  

Tanya Youvan, VP of Business Development & Marketing
tyouvan@tsicorp.net; (213) 545-4091

Tanya joined Televergence Solutions in early 2011 to assist in the Business Development and Marketing activities. She worked directly with Debbie throughout 2012 and part of 2013 to review, update, and improve the company’s processes, efficiency and culture. In 2014, the company developed and executed an electronic marketing initiative targeted at maximizing communications and relationships with the agents, customers, carriers, and vendors to insure consistent brand image, messaging, and positioning. 2015 has been focused on customizing and executing the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platform, training internal and external team members, and overseeing the development and execution of a Marketing and Customer Acquisition plan that is focused on the Call Center market segment. She brings 30+ years’ experience and expertise in sales, marketing and business development in the services industries with a significant focus in healthcare, including companies whose target markets were in the non-profit sector, providing care to under-privileged sectors and rural markets. Previous career roles have included CEO and numerous V.P. positions. She received her MBA and MS in Clinical Psychology degrees from Pittsburg State University.
Ted Zavala, VP of Opertions
ozavala@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2070

Ted joined Televergence Solutions in November, 2004 as the Network Operations Manager. Ted has utilized his experience and expertise to build the switch site, assist customers with installations, and trouble shoot. His dedication and commitment earned him the Company’s 2007 Employee of the Year Award. Ted’s telecom career began upon completion of his education at the National Institute of Technology where he earned a Diploma from the Digital Telecommunications Technology Program. At the completion of his education, Cable and Wireless offered Ted the opportunity to apply his education in their technical support department.He has received certifications with Digital Telecom Meridian Norstar and Meridian SL-1, BICSI Apprentice, 3M SC & ST Fiber Termination, Fujitsu OC-3 Sonet, Cisco Router Fundamentals, Lucent Fiber Training & Homacco Rack Installation.
Ira Globerson , Vice President of Sales + Channel Chief
igloberson@tsicorp.net; 213-943-2023

Ira has been an active wholesale representative of Televergence Solutions since 2007. Ira focuses on selling US Termination and Origination services into the wholesale markets including CLECs, VoIP providers, regional wireless companies, call centers and other large users. He also specializes in supporting large dialer companies and applications including non-profits, political dialing campaigns and both inbound and outbound data center customers. Ira brings over 30 years of telecom and data experience with him. After his start in the international interconnect business in the 1980’s, Ira has held senior management roles with Qwest Communications (now CenturyLink), Cable and Wireless, Metricom/Ricochet, as well as senior sales positions with Sprint, RCA Globecom, and TRT International. Ira also developed and successfully ran CBC Communications, a carrier neutral communications agency prior to coming on board.

Krisney Flory, Office and Administrative Manager
kflory@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2043

Krisney joined Televergence Solutions in January, 2013, in a support role for the Accounting Department: vendor and carrier invoice processing for payment; customer invoice distribution; account reconciliations; agent commission statements preparation; customer database maintenance; and new customer onboarding support. In July, 2015, her role was expanded to include Business Development and Sales Support, and added the responsibility of being the internal manager of the company’s CRM and processes related to lead qualification and electronic marketing. In July, 2016, her role has been expanded once again to “Office and Administrative Manager”. In this new role, Krisney will oversee all activities, processes, and team members who provide accounting, administrative, and sales and marketing support for the Company. Prior to joining the Company, Krisney held a variety of Accounting and Customer Support positions.

Elias Magana, Network Provisioning & Order Management
emagana@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2072

Elias joined the Televergence Solutions team in March, 2006. His daily activities include customer support and service, troubleshooting, and problem resolution. He is the primary contact for managing the customer VoIP provisioning and interop process and is responsible for converting incoming vendor rate sheets into the proper format for uploading into various switching systems; including Denovo, PeerEdge, Enghouse Systems’ Pulse SCP, and SwitchRay’s SRS-4500. His current focus is Toll Free orders and requests managed through Somos SMS/800 and origination carriers.

Ralph Herrera, Customer Acquisition & Support
rherrera@tsicorp.net; (213) 943-2024

Ralph joined the Televergence Solutions’ Customer Acquisition & Support team in October, 2016 . His career began in the sales and business development division of ChowNow, a 35 employee, restaurant mobile app start-up headquartered in Venice Beach, CA. He quickly earned the role of team lead with substantial contributions to the design and growth of the sales department infrastructure and training program. He contributed to and witnessed the company triple in size.

As an integral member of the start up team, Ralph was exposed to the benefits and demands of the critical role of and ever changing world of technology. The skill sets in prospecting and new account conversion he developed and replicated will be applied to call center prospects who would benefit from TSI’s call center toll free and long distance value propositions.

A Southern California native, Ralph was a 2014 graduate with honors from the University of California, Irvine and a double major in Film and History.