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Televergence Solutions’ Voice Portfolio Includes Two Conversational Long Distance Products: Guaranteed And LCR

The Guaranteed product is a “completes all calls” product that utilizes only Tier 1 and/or On-Network Feature Group D (FGD) connections. The LCR product allows a customer to perform their own least cost routing (LCR) and access to TSI’s 50+ carriers and routes via a single interconnection. Both outbound products feature nationwide TDM connectivity at T-1, DS-3, or OC Levels and VoIP connectivity using SIP/H.323 via public or private IP connections. Neither Voice product supports short duration traffic.

Both products feature very aggressive pricing, with an estimated savings of 30-50% off the current market rate for the Guaranteed product; and an LCR product that guarantees the most aggressive rates. Additional savings for both products is achieved with an accurate assessment of USF charges as low as 2% compared to an industry prevailing rate of 17-18%; and lowered CAPX versus traditional PRIs. Flexible terms include custom rate plans, no minimum usage requirements or (industry standard) two year service contracts. Calls are billed in 6/6 increments and by local routing number (LRN).

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